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Selecting The Right WMS: A Case Study of Jonsson Workwear

How do you go about choosing the right Warehouse Management System (WMS) for your enterprise?

This is a question Jonsson Workwear is now well-equipped to answer. Jonsson Workwear is a revolutionary business apparel company supplying quality garments to local and internal markets. With a manufacturing capability exceeding 40,000 garments a day and a distribution capacity of 20 million pieces annually, Jonsson needed a WMS that could keep up and ensure they were able to provide consistently excellent quality to all of their customers.

Let’s look at what Jonsson Workwear needed in a WMS and how DATASCOPE was able to fill this gap.


A WMS does more than help you keep track of inventory. It allows you to build processes that will ease all your warehouse operations, from receiving orders from suppliers  to processing and fulfilling customer orders.

Due to the size of their operations, Jonsson Workwear required a solution capable of scaling to keep up with the growth of their business. The right WMS for Jonsson was one that could be customized with their workflows in mind so the warehouse management team could better control inventory and improve efficiency.

The apparel company was looking for a WMS that would provide the following benefits


The goal for Jonsson Workwear was to implement a WMS system that would streamline their workflow processes and also the kind of orders they processed. An intelligent WMS would allow the separation of orders and provide greater accuracy for delivery targets.

With DATASCOPE’s carton cubing module, the company was finally able to separate picking processes for full carton orders and mixed SKU orders. Orders were split according to wearers, meaning customers could receive specialized packed orders based on the individual wearer.

To test out the functionality, DATASCOPE started out with one of Jonsson’s biggest customers picking only their orders for a week. As a result, the DATASCOPE and Jonsson teams were able to bring the Workwear Sales Channel to full operation. Process automation took the burden off the warehouse team for outgoing shipments and allowed for the identification of any snags that needed to be addressed.


In an era when time, effort, and resources are increasingly becoming points of differentiation, it’s crucial to select a system that will help you do more with fewer resources.

Jonsson wanted a system that would make the picking process faster and a lot more efficient. DATASCOPE’s advanced voice-based picking functionality was used to enhance the picking process to the fullest.

The voice functionality provides an “eyes-free, hands-free” environment that allows pickers to be more efficient. It’s a system that uses easy-to-understand voice prompts to direct order fulfillment workers to specific locations in the warehouse and inform them of which cartons to pick to complete orders. Voice picking increases accuracy as it frees a picker’s hands and eyes – since they don’t have to hit buttons or crosscheck order numbers – so they can focus on picking the right items.

Warehouse workers typically move more quickly while using voice-picking technology. Jonsson Workwear, in particular, was able to increase efficiency by 35% compared to their previous scanner-based picking system.


Your WMS has to work in tandem with your ERP if it’s to improve your warehouse processes. It’s just as important to ensure your WMS vendor is skilled at developing additional ERP integrations and can deliver all the functionalities you need on time.

The DATASCOPE team always goes a step further to provide the best-in-class customer service. As Harold Fortmann of Jonsson Workwear put it, “We have been very impressed with the speed and accuracy of this highly automated warehouse system.” The DATASCOPE team assisted with planning the implementation process, which helped to reduce interruptions to customer deliveries to the absolute minimum.

Since Jonsson Workwear shifted to running on the DATASCOPE WMS on July 1, 2013, the company has grown and expanded its operations. Be on the lookout for an upcoming article on how DATASCOPE WMS helped Jonsson become a world-class warehousing environment.


What exactly do you want your WMS to accomplish for you? Every enterprise has its own way of doing things and set of priorities. The key to getting it right is to identify your priorities and incorporate them into your WMS implementation strategy.

DATASCOPE’s warehouse management solution aims to help companies organize their operations with ease, working as a staging ground for a customized set of solutions to your workflows. Schedule a demo to try it out for yourself.

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