Lot Traceable Distribution Center

In the typical lot traceable warehouse there are a number of key aspects that need to be managed to ensure that the oldest lots are picked and distributed first. Also, there is an aspect of expiry date control to ensure that any product nearing its expiry date is highlighted and sold on a discount basis before it expires.

The Lot Traceable DC operates as described in the processes found in the Simple DC model above but all transactions are controlled with the selected lot number.


Typical Lot Traceable warehouses are found in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

Due to the complexity that lot tractability adds to a warehouse, it is almost impossible to manage a lot based warehouse manually. Many food and chemical companies have implemented DATASCOPE WMS for the simple reason of being able to control their lots/batches effectively.

Beside all transactions supporting SYSPRO based lot numbers, the software also offers various reports to manage lot expiry dates.