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Kanban Control

The Kanban module in DATASCOPE WMS should only be implemented in an already functional Kanban environment. The expectation is that the software is applied to existing physical Kanban systems to improve them and to make them electronic.

The solution essentially links the DATASCOPE WMS TrackID field (unique tracking entity) to a Kanban card by assigning each Kanban card with an RFID tag. Each tag is scanned to activate it and the DATASCOPE WMS software links the TrackID number to the RFID reference number. A stock code and standard Kanban quantity are then assigned. DATASCOPE WMS then knows every Kanban card as well as the linked stock code and package quantity.


Cards are then scanned onto a planning board in the factory. At this point, the card is holding a zero-quantity balance. At some point production will identify that this product needs to be manufactured and a group of these cards will be taken off the planning board and placed on a machine for manufacture. As the machine produces a product, the product is packed into a standard Kanban bin. Once the bin is full a single Kanban card is affixed to the bin of the product and it is moved down a shoot. On the way down the shoot, the bin passes a RFID reader, which scans the card and posts a backflush transaction to SYSPRO.

A user will collect the bin and scan it to a storage area, where it will be treated like any other stock with a TrackID.

At some point in the future, the bin will be picked for a downstream job or for a sales order. At this point, the picking process scans the Kanban card and the product is issued or sold. The Kanban card automatically drops to zero and updates to Inactive status. The card is not moved back to a planning board where it is scanned by a RFID reader and placed back on the board.

This solution is implemented with a well-run Kanban implementation and has a profound effect on stock accuracy on the factory floor.

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