Tarkett Sports is a world leader in athletic surfacing, offering a comprehensive portfolio of sports flooring solutions through its brands.

DATASCOPE WMS was implemented into the Calhoun Georgia manufacturing operation to track manufactured rolls of artificial turf.

A special requirement in this project was to allocate a sequence number to every roll. We did this using the DATASCOPE TrackiD Custom Form fields. This allows Tarkett to reserve specific rolls in a specific sequence for each order. Sequencing the rolls is fundamental to Tarket as the rolls have to be shipped to a stadium for installation in a very specific order.

The concept of linking TrackIDs to a specific sequence number or sales order or job is being used in many DATASCOPE WMScustomers. This extra layer of logic is extremely powerful as automated logic can be applied to ensure that product that is manufacturing can be linked to a specific sales order of job and cannot be used for any other customer.