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The EDI module includes both Sales Order related and Purchase Order related EDI messaging. This is not a detailed EDI module and should only be applied where the software functionality first the business need. Also, the module works on the premise of a standard file format for each inbound or outbound message. The client would use a 3rd party program or hosted service to receive or deliver the files to trading partners and to map the data into different file formats.

All customer orders are received into the Inbound folder are automatically processed by a DATASCOPE WMS EDI import function. This software reads each file and first of all splits the file into multiple files if the file included many orders.

Next the software reads each file in (single order at a time) and validates the data structure and the incoming data. If the structure is wrong or the end of file marker is not present the file is failed and and email sent. If the structure is good then the program checks that the trading partner details in the file are valid and that customer stock codes are all valid. If anything is found to be incorrect the file is failed and moved to the Errors directory and an email is sent. If the file passes all the validations it is imported into SYSPRO as a new Sales order in status 1 or in stats 4 with lines in ship depending of the systems settings.

SYSPRO’s setting to validate duplicate purchase order numbers is typically turned on to stop any duplicate customer order import.

The newly loaded orders are now reviewed in the “EDI Sales Order Release screen” Here the screen manages stock availability and pricing issues. An EDI controller manages this screen by correcting any data errors. The orders are then released to DATASCOPE WMS standard SO releasing functionality to generate the picking slips.

The picking processes are all managed through DATASCOPE WMS as normal through to the point where the order in invoiced in SYSPRO. At this point DATASCOPE WMS has an EDI Invoice service that identifies any invoice for any customer flagged in SYSPRO as an EDI trading partner. There invoices are found for EDI customers the invoice details are written out into an ASN file format and placed into the “Out Going” folder where the 3rd party software will collect the files and deliver them to the customer.

The Invoice Resend functionality allows a user to regenerate and output an ASN file if the customer claims to have not received one.

In some EDI trading environments, the customer asks to see the suppliers (DATASCOPE WMS user’s) product data to ensure that new products are being added into SYSPRO. This function will output a full customer product listing from SYSPRO data.

This module allows a DATASCOPE WMS customer to setup a range of suppliers in SYSPRO as EDI trading partners. Purchase orders from SYSPRO can then be reviewed for these suppliers and output as EDI files. The software writes each selected purchase order out as an EDI file and places it into the “Out Going” folder for the 3rd party software to collect and transfer to the supplier.

This module is very purpose built for a specific range of DATASCOPE WMS customers and should not be implemented elsewhere.

Various reports exist to track and trace the EDI file movements.

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