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Our Offices


We have an open and professional but casual atmosphere in our offices. We strive to maintain a great productive atmosphere where much time is used to design and improve our software and business systems. We are already good at what we do, but we want to ensure we get better and better.

From time to time our resources are required to write detailed documentation from new software specifications to new site solution designs. When working on these documents we encourage our employees to “zone out”. Take the phone off the hook, put your headphones on, lock yourself in a meeting room and make some magic.

Our engine room is where software development happens. Here we have a structured Scrum approach to the development sprints. Software engineers are encouraged to work together in teams to deliver the 2 weekly development cycles. Testing takes place in the USA as this allows a 6 hour offset in time between the core development team and the testing time. So testing largely takes place in the development team’s evening so that they can focus on the changes first thing the next morning.

We use ZOOM Video Conferencing extensively… no I mean it extensively! We have highly skilled software engineers in South Africa; New Zealand, the USA, and Canada. These resources work much of their time in teams with members from different countries. Further, DATASCOPE delivers our solutions throughout the world through a distribution partner system called DSP’s (DATASCOPE Solution Providers). DATASCOPE takes an active role in every one of our partner’s projects.

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