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Lot/Batch Control

Many industries have the need to be able to track product batch numbers through their factories effectively. For instance, in the food industry if you eat a product that made you violently ill the manufacturer would need to be able to pull the records of that particular batch and find out who else the batch was sold to. Further, they would need to be able to drill into that batch and find out what component product batch numbers were used. Let’s assume that they find that the flour used in your product was poisoned. They would need to see which other batches this same batch of flour was used in.

SYSPRO has a solid module for lot or batch control but often this is not used effectively in a company because the physical controls are just too hard to maintain. It’s one thing for SYSPRO to have all the functions to track batches but if their number of movements on the shop floor is too fast, it becomes very hard to keep on top of maintaining accurate batch control records.


Implementing DATASCOPE WMS allows a business to get better control of the movements on the factory floor. In doing this it becomes a lot easier to effectively track the batch numbers with DATASCOPE in place.

Numerous batch/lot features exist in the software to enforce effective batch control including limiting the storage of different batches, picking orders from the same batches, etc.

For companies running SYSPRO with stringent batch control needs, DATASCOPE WMS is a must-have.

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