Route Planning


Correctly loading your delivery fleet can offer huge cost savings. The DATASCOPE Load Planning and Shipping modules are designed to give your staff the tools to make better shipping decisions. The modules offer detailed data visibility into the movement on the warehouse floor. Transportation planning is now able to see load volumes by the route and then what the progress of these orders as they flow through the distribution center. The Outbound Supervisor can easily prioritize outstanding picking based on a visual dashboard based on the time the truck will return to the DC for second trips.

Route optimization functions allow the planner to move orders from one route to another based on truck capacity and freight weight. The Load planning module is particularly useful where companies own their own distribution fleet. Truck capacity utilization can now be accurately measured and targets set. Also during peak periods, one can easily see what the next day’s truck hiring requirements are.

Any returned deliveries are unloaded at night and highlighted in red on the Load Planning screen for next day prompt execution.

For contracted logistics, a full shipping module allows for seamless integration into all major shipping lines. Rate shopping of orders ensures that the most optimal carrier is selected. Where possible, orders are released with a common master shipment number so that we optimize the shipment costs. All LSP label requirements are set up within the software for cartons and pallets. Our EDI module prepares and outputs the required data to be sent to the LSP.