Receiving & Put Away


Fast and efficient receiving of new shipments is often critical in large warehousing operations particularly when the inventory is imported or comes from a factory that is running behind schedule. In these cases, the distribution center often has a load of sales order lines in backorder waiting to be released. As soon as the stock is available these order lines can be picked and shipped.


Some of the available systems are as follows: This mode of receiving is much the same as the LCT receipt above but the difference is that the supplier does not provide a detailed packing list or the inventory is not packed on pallets and will only be packed on receipt. In this case, the LCT is still loaded two or three weeks before arrival but the entire shipment is linked to a master shipping TrackID. On receipt, the final shipping costs are loaded and the LCT shipment is processed for receipt in DATASCOPE WMS.

This produces the GRN’s in SYSPRO and prints a single large master shipment label for the entire container. The DATASCOPE Scanner palletization system is not used to scan product onto pallets. Here the system moves the stock form the master TrackID onto new TrackID’s per pallet and prints a pallet label and packing list label for each pallet. The master shipment TrackID is used to reconcile the shipment against actual inventory received. In large warehouses, there is often a need to manage this effectively.