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The shipping module is built to manage the shipment of orders through third party logistics provider (LSP’s). This module is highly configurable and allows for fixed and flexible loading.

The shipping department will use this module to review SYSPRO orders or DATASCOPE picking slips and assign these for shipment with a logistics carrier. The screens allow the user to view the order detail in several ways to best optimize the shipment.

Before the orders are even picked they can be linked to a shipment waybill number. This waybill can be set as fixed load or flexi load.

Fixed Load:

In the fixed mode, it is understood that the selected orders will be shipped on this waybill and therefore the detail of the shipment can be prepared and printed before the truck arrives.

Flexi Load

In the mode, the orders are linked to the waybill but the confirmation of what is shipped is only done after loading the truck. This allows the shipping department to plan the required loads but to only release the documentation at the end. This mode allows us to process a SYSPRO dispatch note only after truck loading. This way we can ensure that what is on our dispatch note and on the waybill, matches and the customer will then expect a second delivery with the balance.

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