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With over 45 000 hours of development over the past 12 years the DATASCOPE WMS software offers a solution that is unrivaled in the SYSPRO ERP space. Our development team of highly skilled developers are hard at work every day improving the solution and adding new modules and features.

The solution is a plug and play solution with a single core code base which is strictly version controlled. Development is completed using a SCRUM approach with two weekly sprints. New versions are released every 8 weeks or so with a wizard based upgrade.

Each version is released with a detailed set of release notes and a range of short videos explaining any of the large features and what has changed in the software. These videos are uploaded to the DSU (DATASCOPE University) where our partners and customers can review the detail.

New functionality in any module already purchased by a client is released free of charge. Brand new modules are added to the SLA which can be purchased should the client see a return of investment. Due to the fact that DATASCOPE WMS is developed for SYSPRO we ensure that any new version of SYSPRO is supported by our software. At this time we support SYSPRO version 6.1; SYSPRO 7 and SYSPRO 8. Further, due to changes in scanner technology we are currently building our new Android based mobile device platform. This platform will allow clients with some technical understanding to “build” their own scanner screens. The release date for this module is Q1 2020.

DATASCOPE WMS ships with a comprehensive set of business objects. This allows you as the client to tailor your solution and add on customizations to the core solution. We have a number of accredited software developers who will offer these add on development services.

Welcome to the DATASCOPE world! Drive your business to new heights!

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