Contract Manufacture

Due to SYSPRO’s very strong presence in the manufacturing sector it is understandable that many contract manufactures run the software. With DATASCOPE WMS tight integration to SYSPRO and the need in these contract manufacturing operations to track product at a pallet level, DATASCOPE WMS is generally implemented.

One such company is KTP (Kleen Test Products) based in and around Milwaukee. KTP has 6 manufacturing plants and two distribution centers all running DATASCOPE WMS. This includes all inventory control from raw material receipts through inventory holding, picking for jobs, receiving off jobs into finished goods and all sales order picking, packing, and shipping.

On the outbound side KTP has contract customers and retail customers. Contract customer orders are picked at pallet level through a simple checking and loading process. These are high volume shipping operations. Retail is picked differently. Product is picked to pallets first and then consolidated before final shipping.

DATASCOPE WMS is run in many such contract manufacturing operations.

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