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Notification System


This module ships standard with any install of DATASCOPE WMS as it is part of the foundation system of the software. The module acts as a communication medium between all DATASCOPE WMS users both working on the PC applications or on mobile devices.

The module allows an administrator to setup predefined templates with set headings and suggested contacts lists. For instance, a notification template could be setup for all Cycle Count notifications. This template could be named “Urgent Cycle Count Request” and can be scheduled to always message a standard list of users.

Users are flagged as “read only” or “Action required”. If the user is set as read only then the software only expects the user to open the message and read it. However, if the user is flagged as “actioned required” the software will expect a read receipt as well as a “action completed” step to confirm that the action has been processed.

When loading a new notification, a user can select from the standard template list of generate a new message on the fly. If a standard template is selected the user simply adds the specific message. So as an example, a user could select our Cycle Count template and then add a description of “Please urgently cycle count bin 13G27D as we have a discrepancy on stock count A100 in that bin”.

This message will appear in ever contacts notification inbox.

Some other examples may be to notify a quality team to release an urgent pallet for outstanding sales orders or the notification can even be used to tell users to log out for some maintenance activity.

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