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DATASCOPE automatically adopts the SYSPRO warehouse structure. Each SYSPRO warehouse is configured with Picking areas, storage Zones and Bin Locations. The software defines the full architecture of these relationships and controls this back into SYSPRO. As each transaction is processed we can direct the operators based on the rules set in each of these Areas, Zones and Bin Locations.


All aspects of barcode labeling are managed within the core DATASCOPE WMS software. Each labeling option can be configured to the client’s needs. All labels are setup in the software as crystal report templates with a data xsd.


An advanced stock taking module exists in DATASCOPE WMS to optimize your stock take (inventory) count accuracy and to reduce the overall time for the counting.

Counts are opened in SYSPRO as normal and then flagged to start in the DATASCOPE WMS system. Teams are then sent out to count and counting data is transacted live into the stock take module. An intuitive stock take review screen allows the controllers to monitor progress of the count through the day. Bins with variances are highlighted within minutes of the count start time and second count teams can be sent out to recount bins with variances immediately


The inbound module holds a range of functionality for processing incoming transactions. Here receipts are posted for normal purchase order or LCTs (Landed Cost Tracking shipments) etc.


This module covers the inventory transactions that would be performed within a warehouse. These are not transactions related to receiving or picking, they focus on general in warehouse movements.


This module is designed to very simply scan full TrackID’s (e.g. Pallets) out of one warehouse and into the other. The software records the affected TrackIds and moves the stock into In-Transit in SYSPRO. Documentation for the transfer is automatically printed. The TrackIds are then scanned on arrival at the destination warehouse, and the stock is moved out of SYSPRO In-Transit and into a bin in the receiving warehouse.


The first is a simple replenishment process that monitors all pick face bin stock levels and compares these to the reorder level set against each bin. Depending on the replenishment setting selected on the bin the module will:

  1. Replenish to the bin max level based on reorder level
  2. Replenish to the bin min level based on reorder level
  3. Replenish to the bin max level plus SYSPRO sales order demand in the next X days (where X days is a warehouse setting) or picking slip demand (based on reorder level)
  4. Replenish a set replenishment qty (based on reorder level)
  5. Replenish to the reorder level plus SYSPRO sales order demand in the next X days (where X days is a warehouse setting) or picking slip demand


Due to SYSPRO’s strong position in manufacturing companies it stands to reason that DATASCOPE WMS has advanced functionality for factory environments. Some 40% of all DATASCOPE WMS sites are manufacturing plants.

From food blending companies to paper mills and chemical plants that software has a proved track record. The following functionality is covered in DATASCOPE WMS:


The EDI module includes both Sales Order related and Purchase Order related EDI messaging. This is not a detailed EDI module and should only be applied where the software functionality first the business need. Also, the module works on the premise of a standard file format for each inbound or outbound message. The client would use a 3rd party program or hosted service to receive or deliver the files to trading partners and to map the data into different file formats.


The order releasing module includes several tools to release sales orders into the Distribution Center. A key aspect of releasing orders is the reservation of the stock that will be picked. This is very important for two reasons:

We cannot release picking slips to the warehouse where there is insufficient stock and where the stock is taken from is vital to the way the software optimizes the picker movements


The Load Planning module is a great tool for the dispatch manager as is has a very graphical interface that shows orders by route and their progress through the warehouse. The module is specifically designed to assist companies that run their own fleet of delivery vehicles.


The Packing and Checkout module includes all functionally related to checking picked orders before they are invoiced or dispatched. The module includes a broad range of pack station solutions. Increasingly warehouses are fine picking smaller customers’ orders and shipping them directly to the customer (Think Amazon).


The shipping module is built to manage the shipment of orders through third party logistics provider (LSP’s). This module is highly configurable and allows for fixed and flexible loading. The shipping department will use this module to review SYSPRO orders or DATASCOPE WMS picking slips and assign these for shipment with a logistics carrier. The screens allow the user to view the order detail in several ways to best optimize the shipment.


Several customer return options are available to DATASCOPE WMS users.


Every thought to implement an effective KANBAN system into your manufacturing plant? What about taking this further and linking each KANBAN card to an RFID tag?

This module combines a traditional KANBAN card system with RFID tags and RFID readers throughout the plant to efficiently transact the movement of product from one department to another. The solution is fully integrated into SYSPRO and processes Inventory Back Flush transactions on the fly as product (Kanban Cards) pass RFID read points.


The Asset Tracking module allows a DATASCOPE WMS client to interface with the SYSPRO asset database and to print asset labels/tags and to process stock counts of the assets.


DATASCOPE WMS includes a full Voice picking solution built on Vocollect Voice technology. This module has been implemented into a number of distribution centers and has in every case proved to be highly effective. The official productivity improvement stats from Vocollect ate between 10% and 30% picking improvement. When this module is combined with an effective pick face layout we have found up to a 100% picking efficiency improvement.


This module ships standard with any install of DATASCOPE WMS as it is part of the foundation system of the software. The module acts as a communication medium between all DATASCOPE WMS users both working on the PC applications or on mobile devices.

The module allows an administrator to setup predefined templates with set headings and suggested contacts lists. For instance, a notification template could be setup for all Cycle Count notifications. This template could be named “Urgent Cycle Count Request” and can be scheduled to always message a standard list of users.


The KPI Reporting module is a key component of DATASCOPE WMS as this is where all the report writing is completed and where performance dashboards are written. Implementing a WMS solution is great and will add value to your operation if managed properly but really substantial improvements are achieved by using the data from the WMS software set and manage performance targets.


The foundation module of DATASCOPE WMS incorporates all aspects of the fundamental system setup and configuration options. Here we link SYSPRO users into DATASCOPE WMS and create separate user groups with specific access and permissions within DATASCOPE to give each operator code its access rights whilst maintaining the SYSPRO security applied to the operator. Printer configurations are setup with defaults by warehouse, printer station and transaction/system action. Specific reports can be defined per transaction along with the option to prompt the user to select a printer. This allows for a highly configurable printing standard to ensure effective label or document printing in the warehouse or factory floor.


Since all DATASCOPE WMS transactions are posted live into SYSPRO all inventory cycle counting can be processed live at any time without having to freeze a bin location. Any operator with the required access rights can log in to a scanner and perform a cycle count at any time. The net variance at the time of the count is recorded with the adjustment being posted only once the count is accepted from the PC based review screen. Both SYSPRO and DATASCOPE are adjusted by the difference between counted and their systems respectively.

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