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Asset Tracking


The Asset Tracking module allows a DATASCOPE WMS client to interface with the SYSPRO asset database, print asset labels/tags, and process stock counts of assets.

Asset Tracking Menu

The labeling process is pretty simple. The label design is in Crystal Reports and can be changed as the client requires. Typically, it is a simple, small, barcoded label with the asset number, asset description, and department printed on it.

The stock take function is a simple and user-friendly process that seamlessly interfaces with the asset count functionality in SYSPRO. An asset count is initiated in SYSPRO, and the product is then scanned into a DATASCOPE WMS mobile computer-based Asset Stock count screen. This screen operates in “Off-line” mode, allowing for asset counts even when Wi-Fi is unavailable. When the mobile computer is back in the Wi-Fi range, the asset count is uploaded to a DATASCOPE WMS Asset count review screen, which displays a comprehensive list of all assets and highlights any missing asset counts.

Once all counts are completed, the total count can be easily and securely posted directly to SYSPRO, ensuring a smooth and reliable process.

It is a powerful tool that enhances your warehouse management capabilities. By integrating seamlessly with SYSPRO, simplifying labeling, and streamlining stock counts, it ensures that your asset management processes are efficient, accurate, and reliable. Don’t overlook this essential module—integrate it into your operations and experience the difference it can make.

Embrace the future of warehouse management with the Asset Tracking module. Your assets deserve the best, and so do you.

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