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Some of the benefits of running DATASCOPE WMS in your distribution centers and manufacturing plants are as follows:

  • Improved and efficient receiving including PO’s, LCT’s and GIT movements
  • Receiving Quality controls with On-hold functionality and QA release
  • Intelligent directed Put Away to warehouse zones and open bins
  • Cross Docking
  • Unique TrackingID / License Plate Number control of pallets, drums, flow bins, rolls etc
  • Bulk and Pick Face allocation of stock with automated replenishment to pick face
  • Full replenishment system
  • Control of work orders (Jobs)
  • Support for picking to jobs and management of kit issued components
  • Inventory Backflushing
  • Mass based picking
  • Job receiving and pallet labeling
  • Advanced inventory reservation rules that are customizable
  • Wide range of Picking strategies including, Wave picking, Consolidated Picking, MSN Picking, Pick to Tote, Pick to Carton, Pick to TrackID
  • Dynamic pick strategies (ability to run multiple picking methods based on defined criteria)
  • Support for SCT picking
  • Stock accuracies of 99% and higher can be achieved
  • Sales order batch releasing and management through every transaction
  • Spilt picking of full pallets and loose cartons and unit picking
  • Picking of unit barcodes, packs and outer packs (UPCs etc)
  • Picking of sales order kits
  • Picking to conveyor line and conveyor control
  • Voice picking
  • Interface to shipping companies – UPS, Fedex etc
  • Printing of all labels – Shipping labels as well as customer specified labeling at pallet or carton level
  • Intelligent cycle counting with cycle count scheduling
  • Full stock taking module
  • Automated processes of Dispatch notes or invoices on completion of orders
  • Multiple SKU’s on a pallet can be allowed
  • Full lot traceability supported
  • All real-time scanner-based transactions, zero manual capturing of movements
  • Grids of data for management analysis and target setting
  • Expiry date control – zero obsolete stock
  • E-mailed Statistical and Alert reports generated by WMS
  • KPI’s reports and dashboards updated hourly on large screens manage the performance
  • Full TMS module with integration to best of breed shipping brokers

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