Load Planning

Load Planning

The Load Planning module is a great tool for the dispatch manager as is has a very graphical interface that shows orders by route and their progress through the warehouse. The module is specifically designed to assist companies that run their own fleet of delivery vehicles.

All route allocation and delivery sequence numbering remains in SYSPRO against the customer master record. DATASCOPE WMS uses this detail to manage the routes on the warehouse floor.

Typically released picking slips are reviewed on the planning load to ensure that they are receiving to correct attention with a view to have the route ready for shipment by the time the allocated delivery vehicle arrives.

The planning board can also be configured to release picking slips to the floor. In this scenario, the order releasing processes would still review and release orders to the warehouse but the dispatch manager can view them on the load planning board and release them to pickers so that he can focus on specific routes for the day.

As the picking slips move through the warehouse their statuses change. This is represented in the load planning screen as assorted colors. The dispatch manage will focus on the key routes for the day and expedite the pick slips to “paint” the screen green. Green represents that the order is picked, checked and ready for delivery.

Once the route is ready to be loaded the dispatch manager prints a load schedule and all orders are scanned onto the truck. This can be setup to load in reverse delivery sequence if the truck is loaded and unloaded from the back. The result allows the driver to pull orders from the truck in drop off sequence.

Before leaving, the driver pulls a “trip sheet” with all details of the deliveries required. Each delivery is then made and on return to the warehouse the POD’s are captured to close the cycle off.

If a truck returns with some orders that were not delivered the driver uses the scanner based Unload function to place the order back into delivery cage.

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