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Cycle Counting


Since all DATASCOPE WMS transactions are posted live into SYSPRO, all inventory cycle counting can be processed live at any time without having to freeze a bin location. Any operator with the required access rights can log in to a scanner and perform a cycle count anytime. The net variance at the time of the count is recorded, with the adjustment being posted only once the count is accepted from the PC-based review screen. SYSPRO and DATASCOPE WMS are adjusted by the difference between counted and their systems, respectively.

Cycle Count HTML screen.
Cycle Count Approval Screen

When counting a bin, the user can be forced to count all pallets/TrackIDs in the bin, with the system recording a 0 count for any TrackIDs not counted, or the user can count just 1 TrackID or one stock code on a TrackID.

Reasons for cycle counting can be loaded and selected while counting on the floor to assist in later reporting of the counts performed. Moreover, reasons can be linked to GL codes in SYSPRO to allow the variance to be posted to different accounts based on the reason for counting. In addition, the SYSPRO notation and reference can be specified at a line level for improved reporting and auditing.

A value limit can be placed on the cycle counting screen to allow users access to accept variances below a set value and users with specific permission to accept counts above this value.

All cycle count history is recorded for later reporting purposes, whether the line is accepted or rejected.

The module has an advanced cycle count scheduling tool where ranges of bins can be selected to count in the future. These scheduled counts drive the scanner cycle counters to perform the required weekly counts.

The scheduler also allows one to select counts by SKU. Here, the software finds the selected SKU’s active bin locations and schedules a count for each one.

Bins can also be added to the schedule by a picker mid-pick when clicking an assign to schedule button to indicate that the bin is not in balance or does not have what was expected. These counts are differentiated from the scheduled counts as user-triggered counts and are automatically prioritized in the schedule.


A set of reports is included to allow large high-volume warehouses to prepare effectively for a stock count. For instance, one can run a report of all “D” category items (slow movers) and prep cycle count these in the weeks before the full count. This way the stock count system will speed through the counting of these bins when the actual count day arrives.

An outstanding picking slip report highlights all picking slips in the system for the selected warehouse, which are currently in progress through the warehouse. Ideally, one would like to get these picking slips completed before the count starts.

Cycle Count - Outstanding Pick Slips Report

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