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Partner Program (DSP)

DATASCOPE is committed to building a professional distribution network across the world. This network is known as the DATASCOPE DSP’s – DATASCOPE Solution Partners. DATASCOPE very carefully selects each partner. They will typically be a smaller team of professional SYSPRO or warehousing experts – often both. DATASCOPE then gives a full commitment to each new partner for one year. During this year, we completed two or three implementations, with the first implementation being run by DATASCOPE with the new DSP staff doing a lot of the day-to-day work. The second implementation normally sees the DSP taking the lead on the project with DATASCOPE involved heavily in all project meetings and the third project is run by the DSP with some input from DATASCOPE .

All functional specifications are completed in tandem with DATASCOPE resources. We ensure that what is designed for the client is the best solution we can offer.

As in all aspects of the DATASCOPE business, each DSP is audited annually by DATASCOPE and a rating system is updated. It is our vision to share these ratings in time with prospective clients.

An annual Dealer fee is applicable, but software ILF commissions are negotiable based on sales targets. This cost covers a host of backend support functions between DATASCOPE and the DSP including documentation, training, technical support, and sales. This annual fee also sets a barrier to entry for other DSPs. Due to the complexity of being a DSP, we only plan to allocate a limited number of DSP companies in each market. A large commitment is involved from both sides in any new DSP relationship. The business model, however, is sound, and a DSP will add a valuable revenue stream to their business by becoming a DATASCOPE DSP.

If you do not want to become a full DATASCOPE Solution Provider (DSP) we also have the option to become a FASTTRACK WMS Implementer.

An annual FASTTRACK WMS partner fee is also applicable, and you’ll receive a commission on monthly subscription fees. You must be selected as the partner to get commissions during company registration. You may progress into becoming a DATASCOPE PREMIUM DSP partner after establishing a performance history of more than three years and becoming DATASCOPE PREMIUM accredited through our DATASCOPE University.

Become a FASTTRACK WMS Implementer here

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