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KPI'S and People Measurement

Most supply chains cannot measure the people in their operations effectively. No, it’s true! Most companies cannot tell you if one picker outperforms another. Worse still, we have seen warehouses where the management team believes a set of pickers are their top performer, only to find out later when DATASCOPE WMS is running that these pickers were not above average.

One of the best things a business can do is to use people’s performance data in the supply chain to drive performance. Besides identifying the “bad apples,” the software identifies the top performers – and guess what they do. Yes! They push hard to show their ability.

Then, as the warehouse management step in and deal with the poor performers, the atmosphere changes among the people. By far, most people genuinely want to perform. They need to be measured right.

We have walked with companies that have taken their businesses from a highly unionized environment with massive inefficiencies to a point where the staff is asking to move into contract positions based on wages linked to output.

Large graphic KPI boards around the warehouse or on the factory floor helping to drive a competitive environment. In this environment, people thrive, the atmosphere becomes fun, and the operations hums.

The following images show typical Distribution center KPIs from DATASCOPE WMS:

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