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Strategic Lever


For many businesses, finding and exploiting great wins in their business model is becoming increasingly hard to do. The Supply Chain however still offers scope for most businesses to differentiate themselves in the market. Your products may be excellent, with great R&D and your support systems may be solid but if your customer service is poor the entire experience is dull.

Modern businesses are positioning their supply chains, particularly their distribution centers, to produce a very fast turnaround on customer orders. Gone are the days when you waited a week for your order to arrive. Customers expect an order placed online to be delivered within hours or days. Further, the order better be picked and packed correctly. This becomes difficult to do in most traditionally designed warehouses. Modern warehouses are laid out to optimize the flow of stock from receiving through the dispatch. Depending on the typical order configurations, the warehouse may be laid out with bulk zones, break bulk zones, and high-volume pick faces.

We at DATASCOPE take an interest in the optimization of distribution centers. We enjoy guiding the conceptual designs to optimize the material flow through a distribution center. We get great satisfaction from taking a warehouse from a dirty dusty “backwater” to a neat clean and professionally run machine.

Key to all of this is the reason for the change. All change should be led by the clients’ strategic business intent. For instance, if you could make your company’s intent to deliver every client order within 24 hours, then the way you lay your warehouse out and the software you implement will be geared to achieve this.

Look at your products… carefully…. Are there no similar products on the market that our client could purchase? Are they not very similar to your products? If so, what will you do differently to attract the client base?

Give your customers the best turnaround on their orders!

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