Kruse Animal Feeds

Kruse animal feeds is a division of the Western Milling group of companies. DATASCOPE WMS was implemented into Kruse in 2021. This operation involves high volume animal feed packing and shipping to customers. Raw product is shipped in in large truck loads and loaded into a range of ground storage tanks or silo tanks. A sister company based next door also ships large hoppers of milled product to Kruse. All raw material is then processed through a range of 4 high volume filling lines that include automated pallet packing robots. As each pallet moves off the packing lines a DATASCOPE WMS transaction posts a job receipt and prints a uniquely numbered pallet label. Pallets then are stored in a racked or block staked area of the warehouse before being picked and pack to shipping. Kruse uses Pick to TrackId for their picking strategy. This picking screen allows the picker to build up the pallet as he/she picks. As each pallet is completed a new shipping label is automatically printed to the pickers forklift and the pallet is delivered to the dispatch lanes.