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Culture at DATASCOPE

Our business is all about people. We will succeed by employing and nurturing the very best people. People with special characteristics are the foundation of our company culture.


Highly intelligent and committed people have one common desire in the workplace – to work with other highly intelligent and committed people. We believe in the ‘A-team’. At DATASCOPE we build small focused highly competent teams. We drive commitment and knowledge. We work harder, we work smarter and we deliver better solutions than any of our competitors in our market.


Supply Chains, Factories and Distribution Centers are not everyone’s cup of tea but to us this is where we make our magic and we get excited with the improvements we bring to companies warehouses. This passion for what we do is seen in how we deliver our software. People buy our software when they see our passion. Our passion is shown in the pictures in our offices. Our passion is shown in the way we discuss supply chains. Our passion is seen in how we launch new software features.

People love passion. Customers buy our passion.


When we commit to the implementation of our software, either directly or through one of our DSP partners, we commit ourselves to a professional solution. WMS implementations are complex and operation critical. There are normally a few bumps in the road but DATASCOPE always stands by its word and will see the project through to a professional conclusion.

The company holds strong faith values and this is woven into the fiber of the company and all of our staff.


Some say “Attitude above Aptitude”, We say “Attitude as well as Aptitude”. Not only do we look for people with the right Attitude, we understand that our business requires highly intelligent people. Designing warehouses it not straight forward. Developing leading software is not simple. Our people are both highly intelligent and highly committed.


Positivity breeds positivity. Hey, the sun came up this morning – smile!

In any business, there are times when things get hard. Too many projects and too little time. Unexpected implementation issues, and the like. But when the going gets tough, the tough stay positive. Why? Because keeping positive allows us to see the opportunity in every circumstance.

We cultivate positive thoughts and stop negative thoughts in their tracks. If we focus on the positive we will be positive, and if we are positive, we will achieve far more together.


Being a good manager is great but we strive to develop leaders in each space. A manager measures and drives performance. A leader goes beyond this. A leader has a clear vision of and, a commitment to, the road ahead. A leader will walk alone if needed but will inspire others to follow. A leader in DATASCOPE shows his or her ability by delivering results. You do not become a leader with a university degree alone, you become a leader by delivering professional solutions to clients. Its what you deliver that counts.


Don’t fool yourself- first impressions count. First impressions are based on overall appearance, and people often decide whether or not they like you, and will do business with you, in your very first meeting. At DATASCOPE we have a smart casual dress code. We do not wear short pants and flip-flops to the office. We are also not a bunch of “suits” who dress in overpriced suits and sell expensive solutions to customers who do not need them. We are well-dressed professionals with a down to earth mindset


We have become a successful company because of our commitment. Commitment is what has driven us to be better than the rest. Commitment to building the worlds best WMS product in our market segment. Our commitment is seen in the clients we have and the software we sell. Our commitment is what is seen when we do not leave a site until it is running smoothly. Our commitment comes down to the small things we do, such as working late to help a customer through a tough time. And, it is our people that show this commitment, that grows and lead at DATASCOPE 


Measurements are important for the success of any business. The trick is to not over complicate it. Many companies try to get the perfect measures for everything and when they cannot find perfection they simply don’t measure at all. A measure is simply a yardstick to identify if we are improving or not. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT. It only needs to give a solid indication of our movement, positive or not. Once we have a measure we can then set our sights on small but consistent improvements. From time to time we look back and wonder how we have come so far.


Here’s a surprise… we do not agree that the customer is always right. We also do not agree that we should be happy to take any customer’s business. Our customers are leaders in their field and have a similar management style for us. Quite frankly we are not interested in companies who do not invest in their people and operations as they should.

When looking for business, we rather take a bit longer and find the right customer. One good customer will bring more profit than four poor customers. Progressive and professional customers will run our software in a professional manner and will, therefore, be a great success story.


Our solution is not the cheapest and neither should it be. Price is not an issue at all. What matters is value or ROI. We know our industry far better than our clients; after all, we have implemented many of these solutions. We know what sort of price is right for a project and there is no point going into a project when there is not sufficient revenue on the table.

So when selling our software, we do not focus on the price, we focus on the return on investment. This is what is important. The price is simply a calculation of the software, hardware, and services required to deliver a good solution.


We are not afraid to walk away from a deal.

You cannot go into a car dealership and ask them to remove the vehicle’s carpets, back seat and spare wheel to make the price more affordable. They will not allow this as they know that you would end up fuming mad with them the first time you get stuck on the highway with a puncture. In the same way, we do not allow our clients to pick and choose a solution which is not best for their business.

Bottom line? We will negotiate the price where we have to, but we will never compromise the product offering. We are not in business for the short term.


We have an open and professional but casual atmosphere in our offices. We strive to maintain a great productive atmosphere where much time is used to design and improve our software and business processes. We are already good at what we do, but we continue to become better and better.

From time to time our resources are required to write a detailed specification or some other complex document. When doing this we encourage our employees to “Zone Out”. Take the phone off the hook, put your headphones on, lock yourself in a boardroom and make some magic.

Our offices are also modern and up-market. We attract younger well-educated people to work for us. Nobody wants to work in an old fashioned stuffy office. Also, it is our firm view that people working in a professional environment deliver professional products. Our office, our people and our software must look professional.


  1. Our business requires that we continually change in small increments to improve. We should never stop this Kaizan approach. Never say no to positive change.
  2. There are times where it is right to say no. For example, we are sometimes put under pressure to add functionality into our software that is not in the best interests of the overall solution. Here its not wrong to say no.


All our staff is given a set of goals that are aligned with the company’s annual goals (business plan). We review each employee progress against their goals every 6 weeks and we hold 6 monthly performance reviews.

Can you imagine playing a soccer match with no goalposts? Goals allow us to set the bar and then measure progress toward that bar. Each year we strive to raise the bar both for the company and for the employees. This drives us to new heights and increases our already substantial lead on our competitors.


We sell logistic systems. Logistics systems are all about getting inventory to the customer on time. Due to our focus on time, we take time setting seriously. We do not get to a customer late. There is no better way to tell a customer that we are not interested in them than to pitch up for a meeting late. All internal meetings start on time.


DATASCOPE is a long term business. We are never in it for the short term. When we build our software or we improve our methodology, we are making the change for the long term. Take a little longer and ensure that what we do is done right.


You get what you give. A key attribute of DATASCOPE is that we have traditionally given our clients more. We have not left the site until our systems are running well. We continued to build our software offering to give our existing clients more. We will keep it that way.

In all that we do, we will do it to the best of our ability. Our software will be the best, Our internal systems will be the best. Our on-line university will be best. And, so on. When we GIVE MORE we ultimately GET MORE.


The more you learn the luckier you will become.

Knowledge is value. the more knowledge we have in our business the more valuable we are to our clients. Employees at DATASCOPE do not come from university comfortable that they have learned all they need for life. All employees are encouraged and expected to have a culture of continued learning. Read books, attend training and debate topics.

For most at DATASCOPE their hardest years has been the first ones. The learning curve is massive. Not only do we need to know supply chains well we also need to have a professional knowledge of SYSPRO and the DATASCOPE WMS Software. We often note that if a staff member makes it through the first 3 years at DATASCOPE they will probably work here for over ten years.


This rule says that you only become a true professional in any subject once you have invested over 10 000 hours of practice and study. We at DATASCOPE have committed over 30 000 hours into our software and that is why we are a leading brand. But we want every one of our people to achieve the same. If you are a software engineer or an implementation consultant, focus on the 10 000 hour rule and become a professional in your field.


How did McDonald’s grow from a small take-out joint in the USA to the huge multinational it is today? The answer is in fast, efficient service. People have realized that their time is more valuable than a burger and chips. People expect fast efficient service more than ever before.

But how does a company achieve and maintain this level of efficiency? Methodology! McDonald’s build an exceptional set of methodologies that allow them to replicate the process of running a burger joint anywhere in the world. DATASCOPE has invested thousands of hours into our methodologies. All staff and implementation partners are expected to adhere to the methodologies at all times. Methodologies are continuously improved to give better results. All aspects of the business are audited to ensure that the methodologies are being applied.


At DATASCOPE , design plays a big role. the design of our software, our offices, our systems, our processes our branding. Everything has to look and function perfectly. Design is a critical part of how we function and compete. Design goes to the smallest detail. To stay ahead, we have to think like designers. We have to design what we do, where we do it and how we do it – better than anyone else.


When you fix the symptom you can be sure the problem will reoccur. when you fix the cause, you solve the problem forever. Fix the cause and you will improve the business. In any problem-solving workshop spend some time on cause and effect analysis to find the root cause. Then work on a solution to solve that cause. Then…. if you find yourself discussing a problem that has come up a number of times in the past, take extra time to get to the root cause of this problem and always ask yourself “will this change I am suggesting take the problem away for ever?” If not, keep looking.


If you are battling to see the big picture, stand back. Always look further than what is immediately in front of you. A 2 to 5 year view will help you see things more clearly. Think long term, not short term. Make changes and work on tasks that will make a long term difference.

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