Inter Branch

Many DATASCOPE WMS customers are group companies running on SYSPRO with a need for an effective inter-branch transfer system. The SYSPRO’s SCT and GIT modules work well but when volumes are very high between centers one needs to implement a barcoded solution to speed up the loading and unloading of trucks. Considering that inter-branch transfers typically include packing pallets of product and labeling them at a source warehouse (e.g. the central DC) and then these are transferred to a destination warehouse, it makes sense that the same pallets with their packing configurations and labels could be used to speed up the receiving process.

The DATASCOPE SCT/GIT module has been developed to improve the speed and accuracy of movements from one center to another. SCTs are still loaded into SYSPRO as normal but the picking, packing, and releasing of these orders are handled in DATASCOPE WMS. Shipping documents are printed, and the goods are moved to the destination warehouse. On receipt, the destination warehouse will use mobile computers to confirm the product into stock at a pallet level. The pallets (including multi-SKU pallets) can be scanned directly into bulk storage.

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