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Stock Accuracy


You will never optimize effectively without first implementing control into an organization and without a high level of accuracy. This is particularly true with business systems such as a WMS. So, learn to crawl, then learn to walk, and then learn to run. There is no shortcut.

An effective WMS installs a level of control into your organization. We at DATASCOPE like to refer to it as “Virtual Gates.” The software effectively installs gates in the processes. If a user bypasses a step and moves a product from one place to another, the downstream process will fail to be able to work with that material. This effect, called “virtual gates,” forces the people on the floor to get the process right. Life becomes too hard not to.

As the disciplines on the floor improve, so does the data accuracy. Over time we see that the stock figures by bin become more accurate, the backorder data is more accurate, the outstanding purchase orders become more accurate, and so on. As this data improves, we can start focusing on analyzing the data to make the right decisions in the business. The power of data is huge, but the power of accurate data is incredible.

All businesses should be focused on becoming data-driven. When making decisions in the business, data should be the basis for the decision. Meetings should be held around screens of data. We make far more meaningful decisions based on accurate data.

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