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Quality Control

Many factories, particularly in Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical require an effective quality system to control stock on the factory floor. The DATASCOPE WMS Quality Module offers this tool to manufacturing and distribution businesses.

All stock codes set as “Inspection Required” in SYSPRO can be controlled in this module both a purchase receipt as well as job receipt stages. Each stock code can be flagged with multiple quality tests. Expected results are entered, and tests pass or fail against these criteria.

On receipt, both at purchase receipt and job receipt the software will automatically place the TrackIDs on hold for any product that requires a quality check. A set of barcoded sample labels are also printed, and the operator is expected to take the required samples and send them to the quality lab for analysis.

Based on systems settings, the newly received stock can be moved into the warehouse and put away to optimize space. The system will understand that these pallets are on hold and will not allow any picking processes to take the stock off these pallets. No customer order or factory work order would allocate from this stock either.

On passing the quality test, the product is released from hold automatically. Immediately the software starts to work with the stock, and orders will be directed to use this stock.

If the quality test fails, the failure report gives details of all affected pallets (TrackIDs) and the bin location where they are currently stored. These are then moved out of the warehouse and to a quarantine warehouse.

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