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Continuous R&D

DATASCOPE has an aggressive research and development program (R&D Program) focused on the expansion of our solution for SYSPRO clients. This program starts with a detailed 3 year ROADMAP of the future software enhancements and new modules. The ROADMAP is broken into three sections, namely: Product Functionality, Scalability and Stability.

The Product Functionality focus includes all upcoming enhancements to existing modules as well as a range of brand new modules to extend the WMS offering up and down the supply chain.

The Scalability focus includes additional E.Net business objects, triggers and VB scripting options to allow our customers and partners to tailor the solution to best fit our clients needs. Through these functions a DATASCOPE WMS client can implement a very focused solution for their specific needs.

The Stability focus includes an improved management layer for dealing with sites that have infrastructure issues. This includes rollbacks and improved tracking of failed transactions when the base IT infrastructure fails.

DATASCOPE spends some 40% of all income in R&D. These costs are funded by the 15% annual license fees generated from existing sites.

The DATASCOPE WMS is already very far ahead of any other WMS solution focused in the SYSPRO space. We intend to maintain this gap and increase it in the years ahead. When selecting DATASCOPE WMS you are not only selecting the best WMS for SYSPRO worldwide but you are buying into a solution that is built for the long term and focused on continued improvement.

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