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Distribution Centers


For many businesses, finding and exploiting great wins in their business model is becoming increasingly hard to do. The Supply Chain however still offers scope for most businesses to differentiate themselves in the market. Your products may be excellent, with great R&D and your support systems may be solid but if your customer service is poor the entire experience is dull.


Fast and efficient receiving of new shipments is often critical in large warehousing operations particularly when the inventory is imported or comes from a factory that is running behind schedule. In these cases, the distribution center often has a load of sales order lines in back order waiting to be released. As soon as the stock is available these order lines can be picked and shipped.


This replenishment module is used to monitor a warehouse pick face and to automatically generate the required pick face replenish net orders automatically based on the pick face min, reorder and max levels. The replenishment rules include 5 main options and a custom option. In some cases, the rule includes future picking demand on the bin. This can be calculated from released picking slips on the floor or from sales order due to lines from SYSPRO.


Many DATASCOPE WMS customers are group companies running on SYSPRO with a need for an effective inter-branch transfer system. The SYSPRO’s SCT and GIT modules work well but when volumes are very high between centers one needs to implement a barcoded solution to speed up the loading and unloading of trucks.


The order release system in DATASCOPE WMS is complex with many available processes to assist your distribution center when reviewing and releasing sales orders and interbranch transfers. It is in this process that much of the optimization of order picking is performed.


Correctly loading your delivery fleet can offer huge cost savings. The DATASCOPE Load Planning and Shipping modules are designed to give your staff the tools to make better shipping decisions. The modules offer detailed data visibility into the movement on the warehouse floor. Transportation planning is now able to see load volumes by the route and then what the progress of these orders as they flow through the distribution center.


All picking starts with an assigning process. In this process, DATASCOPE WMS can apply rules such as blocking a picker from starting a packing slip for a customer when there is another older picking lisp for the same customer.


With the massive growth of eCommerce across the world our people are starting to demand superior turnaround times on any products ordered. Many traditional businesses that shipped a product in some level of bulk to a distribution channel are finding that they now need to reinvent their supply chains to be able to ship directly to market.


You will never optimize effectively without first implementing control into an organization and without a high level of accuracy. this is particularly true with business systems such as a WMS. So learn to crawl; then learn to walk, and then learn to run. There is no short cut.


Most supply chains cannot measure the people in their operations effectively. No, it’s true! Most companies cannot tell you if one picker totally outperforms another. Worse still we have seen warehouses where the management team believe a set of pickers as their top performers only to find out later when DATASCOPE WMS is running that these pickers were not above average.


For many companies lot or batch traceability is critical. Industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food, and Chemicals requires stringent batch traceability. SYSPRO already holds a lot of the required Lot Traceability functionality where one can track a raw material batch or lot number into the business and then through work in progress and ultimately to the end customer.

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