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Put Away Rules


The put away system is used to direct any newly received inventory to the bulk or pick face bin locations. A number of put away rules can be applied.

PUT Away (pallet level)

For most companies the put away of stock is processed directly after receiving from a Purchase Order, LCT Shipment, GIT in or Job Receipt. Very often each TrackID is a pallet of product of a single SKU that must be moved into the bulk area of the warehouse or directly to the pick face. The Put Away program expects the movement of stock at a TrackID level from receiving directly to single destination.

Put Away consolidation

This program expects a newly received pallet with multiple SKU’s in it to be moved into the warehouse to delivered to multiple locations. For instance a multiple SKU pallet my be moved to each SKU’s pick face location and the product packed directly into the pick face bins. Or, in some cases the stock is stored in bulk with like stock codes typically stored together. this program shows the user where the like SKU is stored in the warehouse and the user places the stock together.

Directed put away

Here the software uses volumetric calculations when moving stock into the bulk warehouse. The software applies any zoned settings (where products are linked to a zone) and then finds an open location within the zone where the stock can be stored and directs the put away staff to place the stock in the suggested location. Based on settings the scanner will find a completely open bin or will find another pallet with the same SKU what has sufficient volume space and direct the put away user to place the stock in this bin. All bins can be setup with a mass tolerance and this program ensures that put way product will not exceed this limit.

TWO STAGE Put away

In larger warehouses a two stage put away is processed where the inbound pallets are moved from receiving into a marshalling bin (normally at the end of the racks). A man-up or some other specialized fork truck is then directed to fetch these pallets and to place them away based on the rules. In this case the first step will try to direct the put away to a marshalling bin at the end of the destination bins row. This optimizes the man-up’s movement when placing the pallet into the high raise racking.

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