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KPI Reporting & People Management

Since DATASCOPE WMS tracks all transactions at a very detailed level, it is possible to report on the detail of the day-to-day operations in a factory. This includes detail of the operator that posted each transaction which allows a company to hold people accountable for their transactions. Further total transaction amounts per shift can be pulled based on the actual transactions posted. This stops production from reporting production figures that are overstated.
Very quickly, we can find trends in the business. At what times of the day are we producing well; when did the production output slow down; how long does it take to get materials issued to a job etc?

Further, if a defective product is produced, we can track what materials went into the job, who issued the materials, and who received the finished product and when. This data allows us to measure a lot more on the shop floor.

As the world becomes more and more data-driven, we are seeing companies increasing their ability to record data on the factory floor. Then in meetings, this data is used to validate decisions.

The following images show typical Distribution center KPIs from DATASCOPE WMS:

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