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Built For SYSPRO

Possibly the single biggest advantage of selecting DATASCOPE WMS over other best-of-breed WMS solutions is that the software has been built specifically for SYSPRO ERP. This means that the software ships automatically with a very high level of integration between the two systems. In fact, a level of integration that most other WMS solutions would never be able to provide unless they become specific to a single ERP system. No WMS solution can create an advanced and high level of integration with all ERP solutions – it is simply not practical or achievable to attain this.

The integration layers

All transactions between the two systems are posted via the SYSPRO E.Net Business Object layer. This ensures that the integrity of SYSPRO is maintained, and our software falls in line with the SYSPRO business rules. Further, all operator security setups in SYSPRO apply, based on the SYSPRO E.Net rules.

Who Works where?

Typically, existing SYSPRO users continue to work directly in SYSPRO as normal. All financial personnel, sales entries, purchase order entries etc., remain transacting directly in SYSPRO.

Any operator who physically works with inventory typically moves over to DATASCOPE WMS and has no reason to need to work directly in SYSPRO at all (although several key SYSPRO transactional and query screens are embedded directly inside DATASCOPE WMS). Every inventory transaction needed is accommodated within the DATASCOPE WMS suite and all queries and reports are typically found within the software.


The design of DATASCOPE WMS is never to replicate SYSPRO data into new WMS tables. Wherever SYSPRO holds key master data we simply develop to use that data directly from SYSPRO. Therefore, if you load a new sales order into SYSPRO, this data writes to SYSPRO tables only, and DATASCOPE WMS reads directly off the SYSPRO tables. The result is a 100% live solution with no batch data updates between the ERP and WMS. This is a major selling point as batch updates of any nature are intrinsically very difficult to control and invariably get out of sync.

Most screens and reports in DATASCOPE WMS are written to present a combination of SYSPRO and DATASCOPE data to the user without the user being aware.

Data tables included in DATASCOPE WMS focus on the functionality required in the WMS that SYSPRO does not cater for. There are many tables like this. For instance, DATASCOPE holds a full set of tables for picking slips, the picking slip statuses, the picking allocations, the picking history, etc., none of these tables exist in standard SYSPRO and therefore they have been built into the DATASCOPE WMS product.

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