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Warehouse Movements


This module covers the inventory transactions that would be performed within a warehouse. These are not transactions related to receiving or picking, they focus on general in warehouse movements. Alternative Stock – This Scanner and PC program allows a user to scan a TrackID and to convert the SKU on this TrackID to another SKU if the relationship has been setup in SYSPRO Alternate Stock Code Cross Reference system. The transaction posts a negative stock adjustment out of the of SKU and a positive adjustment in of the replacement SKU. If there is a cost difference this is posted to stock variance account as setup in the software settings. Conversion factors can also be applied when posting these transactions.
  • TrackID Consolidate – This scanner transaction is a simple ability to move a stock code or a portion of stock from one TrackID to another. It is mainly used for cleaning up partial pallets. Options exist to default the quantity to the pallet quantity and auto-post transactions.
  • Inventory Backflushing – Here the scanner is used to process simple inventory backflush transactions on the factory floor. The system settings determine the level to backflush i.e. Single or Multiple and the new TrackID label is printed according to the user’s warehouse and print station settings.
  • Quarantine Move – This is a simple bin transfer on the scanner to move any TrackID from a normal stocked warehouse into a Quarantine warehouse.
  • Supplier Return – This scanner screen allows a user to scan a pallet to return it to a supplier. This is only used if we are returning stock that has already been GRN’d in and the stock is Lot traceable. For most return to suppliers a negative GRN will return the stock.
  • Put Away Consolidate – This scanner application is used when putting away a multiple SKU pallet. The screen walks the user through placing the stock into the default pick face locations in a pick face warehouse or onto pallets with the same SKU on them in a bulk warehouse.
  • Info Check – This Scanner screen shows a general information check. Here we can query the locations of a stock code or the content of a TrackID etc.
  • Put Away – The Put Away screen is used to move full TrackIds from the receiving marshalling bins into the warehouse. Depending on the settings in the software one can direct put away to a warehouse or warehouse and zone or warehouse, zone and open bin. Users not following these instructions are recorded with the option of an override required from a supervisor. Additionally, a cross dock prompt can be triggered at put-away if the replenishment system indicates that stock is required in the pick face. This can be setup to only request cross dock if there is no available stock in bulk or anytime the pick face drops below re-order qty.
  • Bin to Bin – This scanner program is used to simply move a TrackID from one bin to another. Additionally, if the destination bin scanned is in another warehouse, an immediate transfer will be performed and all the stock on the TrackID will be moved provided the stock codes have been setup for the destination warehouse in SYSPRO.
  • Job Return – The job return function on the scanner allows a user to scan a TrackID for a product that was issued to a Job and return a new quantity back into stock
  • Palletization – This program is used to label and build up pallets in the receiving area. This is used extensively when Master TrackID receiving is in place. The screen is highly configurable allowing users to default the quantity to pan size, force users to scan stock codes and prevent mixing of stock codes on a TrackID.
  • 2D Put away – This scanner program is used to scan away carton stock where we are the 2D carton labelling in play.
  • Expense Issues – These transactions can be posted on a mobile device or PC. This is used to expense issue consumable stock items or machine spare parts. The transaction issues the stock to a GL account.

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