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DATASCOPE WMS is a great offering for SYSPRO customers as the software has been developed specifically for SYSPRO ERP.  It does not operate with other ERP systems or as a standalone. The software is highly integrated to SYSPRO on a live basis and makes use of SYSPRO terminology.

From purchase order and LCT receiving through to directed put away, sales order and SCT releasing, scanner-based picking, checkout audits and invoicing. DATASCOPE WMS is a full-blown WMS solution with deep functionality including inventory stock takes, cycle counting, a load planning and shipping module, customer returns and KPI dashboards and efficiency reports.

The software is also ideal for manufacturing intensive operations running SYSPRO. With job releasing, job picking, job returns, receiving, substitutions etc. Tracking of inventory at a License Plate level also give highly accurate inventory on a live basis. Full support for lot traceability for food, pharma and chemical companies is supported.

The DATASCOPE WMS solution has been built specifically for SYSPRO and the two systems interface on a live basis using SYSPRO standard objects. All scanning is managed on Android and/or Windows Mobile RF (Radio Frequency) scanners and tablets or through the DATASCOPE WMS PC based front end.

The DATASCOPE WMS software suite has been developed over the past 20 years. The suite is feature-rich with deep functionality for an out-the-box solution. The software is operational in almost all distribution and manufacturing industries. All clients run the same software installation (base software code) which is version controlled. New releases are made available four times each year and all customers are encouraged to keep their installation up to date.

The greatest advantage of a WMS system is not the improved data capture speed or data accuracy but the fact that the system forces process control.  One can look at an effective WMS implementation as a set of virtual “gates” through the process.  These “gates” force inventory movement disciplines (control) which in turn give data accuracy which in turn allows the optimization of the operation.

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