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RFID Kanban Solution

The Kanban solution is an advanced solution developed for repetitive manufacturing operations looking to take their existing manual Kanban system to the next level.

All component warehouses, raw material warehouses, and finished goods warehouses are operated as normal in the “traditional” WMS processes. In other words, PO receipt or Sales order picking is run in a normal WMS environment as described in the Simple DC model above.

The manufacturing process, however, is managed using RFID-tagged Kanban cards. The high-level transaction processing is managed in the software as follows:

Kanban Card Creation – The software allows a planning department to create new Kanban cards, assign RFID tags and configure the RFID tag to the specific card. Each Kanban card is just another TrackingID in the DATASCOPE WMS solution.

Kanban Board – The software allows the planning department to manage the number of Kanban cards on the various planning boards. By activating and inactivating cards, the planners can increase or decrease the manufacture of inventory.

Machine-based scanning – At each production machine or within close proximity to production units, RFID readers are installed. As each machine produces another Kanban carton full of product, a Kanban card is placed in a sleeve on the Kanban carton, and the carton is moved past the RFID reader. In many cases, this reader is placed on the side of a slide/gravity conveyor. In other instances, the Kanban cards are taken off the cartons at a logical point and manually swiped at an RFID reader.

Every time a card is read at the RFID station, it will process a backflush of product from a WIP warehouse in SYSPRO into a typical inventory-controlled warehouse. This transaction activates the Kanban card and updates its quantity to the standard Kanban pack size.

Picking – The picking of Kanban cards operates in the normal DATASCOPE WMS processes, as each Kanban card is just another reusable TrackingID in the software.

Back to Planning Board – as soon as the product is picked for a sales order or to be used in the next production process, the card is removed from the product and is scanned in the planning office back to the planning board.

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