For many companies lot or batch tractability is critical. Industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemicals requires stringent batch traceability. SYSPRO already holds a lot of the required Lot Traceability functionality where one can track a raw material batch or lot number into the business and then through work in progress and ultimately to the end customer. The difficulty is however the implementation of these systems on the factory or warehouse floor.
Most lot traceability within companies becomes hard to manage if a WMS solution is not in place. As volumes of transactions grow manual systems start to fail. Even ERP systems become very difficult to maintain. Implementing DATASCOPE with lot traceability turned on will resolve much of this headache.

Due to the nature of the TrackID used in DATASCOPE WMS we hold much of the lot data in the unique pallet record in the database. This assists the user when tracking the many movements of this particular pallet or drum.

Serial tracking is the other requirement in many industries. DATASCOPE WMS allows for serial tracking of all picking operations to maintain records of which customer bought which serial numbers. DATASCOPE WMS full serial module is due for release end 2019.