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WIP Job Control

DATASCOPE WMS has an advanced feature set for manufacturing companies. The WIP module focuses on the following functionality:


Like the sales order release function this software takes jobs from SYSPRO and releases the required material picking slips needed in DATASCOPE WMS. All allocation of stock is managed in the DATASCOPE WMS systems to ensure that the most optimal stock is reserved.

In many cases, jobs are released across two warehouses. A standard raw material bulk warehouse and a pick face warehouse. Each job component material allocation is split intelligently so pick full cartons or bags from the bulk warehouse and remaining “less than bag size” from a pick face warehouse. The replenishment system is then run to move inventory from the bulk warehouse to the pick face warehouse.


An advanced mass-based picking process can be implemented where the raw material product is picked using weigh scales integrated to DATASCOPE WMS. This is very useful in companies weighing out component products for jobs (e.g. in the food industry) The scanner based job picking works in the same way as sales order picking or replenishment picking. Advanced functions allow for over and under picking within preset tolerances.


In many factories, a large roll or barrel of product is issued to a job, used and then returned to the warehouse. The DATASCOPE WMS software includes a solution to weigh product as it is returned to the warehouse. This posts a job return for SYSPRO and reactivates the original TrackID for this product.


In many WIP environments, some components are flagged as kit issued items. These products are not picked and issued to jobs on the DATASCOPE WMS controlled picking slips but are rather transferred to pick face picks in WIP based on the replenishment systems. A typical kit issue product may be a particular nut. We do not want to pick our the nuts separately for every job as they are very low-cost items and are used in almost every job. So, we flag the nuts on the bills of material as kit issued items. The DATASCOPE WMS picking process will not expect us to pick the nuts when we prepare all the other components for the current job. Instead, the nuts have a dedicated pick face bin or bins on the factory floor with min and max levels. Based on these levels, the replenishment system will trigger the replenishment of nuts to the floor (perhaps only once a week).

As each job is manufactured and the finished product is received off the job the kit issue items are automatically issued from these default bins. If each product only has one WIP bin location the kit issue process is automated. However, if many pick face bins exist for a single SKU, then the PC-based job receipt screen must be used and this program will request the user to select the bins that were specifically used. In these environments, it is suggested that WIP factories are split into separate warehouses.


Job Receipts typically occur after the manufacturing process is completed and the finished product(s) are ready to be received into inventory and sold. They can be done on either a PC-based screen or a mobile device.


A full job labeling module is available to pre-print all job-related labels, including pallet labels, carton labels, and product labels.

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