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The SCT (Supply Chain Transfer) and GIT (Goods in Transit) module has been designed to manage interbranch transfers.

  • Simple GIT
  • SCT/GIT Module

This module is designed to very simply scan full TrackID’s (e.g. Pallets) out of one warehouse and into the other. The software records the affected TrackIds and moves the stock into In-Transit in SYSPRO. Documentation for the transfer is automatically printed. The TrackIds are then scanned on arrival at the destination warehouse, and the stock is moved out of SYSPRO In-Transit and into a bin in the receiving warehouse.

SCT and GIT menu
This module manages the release and picking of SCT orders from a distribution center and the receipt back into stock at the destination warehouse. The SCT release works in the same manner as any normal sales order. The order is included in the wave releasing process and picking slips are printed in the same fashion as normal sales order picking slips. The picking process and packing and checkout processes follow the setup for the warehouse. At the invoicing step, DATASCOPE WMS simply releases the order into a GIT and prints the GIT documentation.


Many SCT orders are essentially branch fulfillment orders from a center distribution center. These orders are therefore often very large and bulky. Giving the order to a single picker would be problematic so the software allows SCT orders to be released by picking area and or allows the order to me automatically released as multiple picking slips with a max number of lines set on each pick slip. The multiple picking slips are then consolidated at checkout.


The software supports scanner and PC based receipt. TrackIDs that were picked can be re-activated or new trackIDs created and a non-merchandise cost captured and applied on receipt.

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