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Manufacturing Plants


Most WMS solutions have excellent features for the control of warehouses and distribution but very few have great products with work in progress (WIP). DATASCOPE WMS recognizes that the SYSPRO ERP base has a large following of manufacturing clients as SYSPRO is traditionally strong in manufacturing.


Many factories, particularly in Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical require an effective quality system to control stock on the factory floor. DATASCOPE WMS Quality Module offers this tool to manufacturing and distribution businesses.


DATASCOPE WMS is not a factory planning tool but it sure helps with the planning process.

Deciding what jobs to open and where to run those jobs in your factory is the subject of a planning tool. However, most planning tools consider capacity buy do not consider material availability. DATASCOPE WMS does not consider your capacity but it does manage your stock availability.


DATASCOPE WMS has an advanced feature set for manufacturing companies

In many cases, jobs are released across two warehouses. A standard raw material bulk warehouse and a pick face warehouse. Each job component material allocation is split intelligently so pick full cartons or bags from the bulk warehouse and remaining “less than bag size” from a pick face warehouse. The replenishment system is then run to move inventory from the bulk warehouse to the pick face warehouse.


Many industries have the need to be able to effectively track product batch numbers through their factories. For instance, in the food industry if you eat a product that made you violently ill the manufacturer would need to be able to pull the records of that particular batch and find out who else the batch was sold to.


In some industries, there is a need to pick component stock for the factory that needs to be weighed out. Factories in the Chemical, Paint, Food or Pharmaceutical industries have this need.


The Kanban module in DATASCOPE WMS should only be implemented in an already functional Kanban environment. The expectation is that the software is applied to existing physical Kanban systems to improve them and to make them electronic.

The solution essentially links the DATASCOPE WMS TrackID field (unique tracking entity) to a Kanban card by assigning each Kanban card with an RFID tag. Each tag is scanned to activate it and the DATASCOPE WMS software links the TrackID number to the RFID reference number. A stock code and standard Kanban quantity are then assigned. DATASCOPE WMS then knows every Kanban card as well as the linked stock code and package quantity.


The DATASCOPE WMS software includes a full and comprehensive replenishment system that controls the movement of stock from one warehouse to another as well as from bulk locations to pick face locations.


DATASCOPE WMS has a very focused module for any company running SYSPRO where the company is involved with the manufacture of blends that are packaged and sold. Companies such as spice manufacturers, chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, bakeries, etc.


A basic serial tracking module is included in the DATASCOPE WMS solution. This solution allows for stock codes to be flagged at serialized and the software records the serial numbers at the time of picking customer orders. For most companies, this level of serialization is sufficient.


Since DATASCOPE WMS tracks all transactions at a very detailed level it is possible to report on the detail of the day to day operations in a factory. This includes detail of the operator that posted each transaction which allows a company to hold people accountable for their transactions. Further total transaction amounts per shift can be pulled based on that actual transactions posted. This stops production from reporting production figures that are overstated.


The asset tracking module was added to DATASCOPE WMS as an extra feature. We already have barcode label printers and we already have mobile computers and scanners so why not allow the software to print asset tags from SYSPRO’s asset module and then use the scanners for annual stock counts.

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