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Packing and Checkout


The Packing and Checkout module includes all functionality related to checking picked orders before they are invoiced or dispatched. It also includes a broad range of pack station solutions. Increasingly, warehouses are fine picking smaller customers’ orders and shipping them directly to the customer (Think Amazon).

All pack station systems are designed to operate on a PC or tablet mounted on purpose-built checkout stations with carton labeling printers and invoice or dispatch note printing equipment. These solutions perform a detailed order check as the packing takes place.

For environments wanting a simple checkout, the DATASCOPE WMS solution includes a range of scanner-based checkouts.

Mass checkouts are also available, where the picked order is weighed before releasing the invoice.

Checkout Menu


Scanner checkouts

In this checkout mode, orders are scanned into a checkout station/staging area. On arrival, a dispatch checker would use a mobile device to perform the required order checks.

If the order were split across warehouses or areas, the program would request the checker to first confirm that all linked picking slips are available to be checked. Once confirmed, the checkout will take place.

The following options are available:

  • The software steps through each product, giving the checker the picked quantity, and the checker simply confirms that the product is there.
  • The picked order is repacked over a short conveyor, and each carton UPC or EAN number is scanned to confirm the order.
  • A blind count is performed. A user simply enters the quantity of each product, and the software confirms or fails the checkout.

Once the checkout is completed, the order can be scanned to a dispatch staging bin/cage.

Consolidated checkout HTML screen

Consolidated checkout

This module has been developed to consolidate linked orders together. A typical example of this will be Project Sales Orders that typically span over a couple of days or weeks, and the warehouse must only invoice the customer once at the end of the project period or month. Individual pick slips will be generated against one large SYSPRO Sales Order, which will be picked as the stock becomes available. The picked stock will be staged in demarcated checkout cages for a once-off dispatch or invoice.

This DATASCOPE WMS Consolidated Checkout module assists the checkout staff in ensuring that all the pick slips related to the same large SYSPRO Sales Order are in the correct status and allows for a once-off invoice or dispatch note to be performed.

Mass checkout

The PC-based Carton/Final Mass check module has been designed to perform a simple mass check before invoicing. In this module, the picking slips are delivered to a mass station, where each product pallet is placed on a load cell integrated into the DATASCOPE WMS software. If each pallet passes the mass check, the order is released and invoiced.


SKU Level Mass Check

In this checkout mode, orders are delivered to a set of packing stations with an inbuilt scale linked to a PC running DATASCOPE WMS. The picking slip is scanned to load all picked lines. The packer then builds a carton, places it on the scale, and tares it. Products are scanned or selected from the screen and placed into the carton. Once the carton is full, the packer will select to move to a new carton. The software prints the required carton label, and the process starts with the next carton. The labeling can be configured dynamically to include customer logos, etc. Once the entire picking slip has been packed, the software prompts the user to invoice, or dispatch note the order. The invoice or dispatch note is printed at the station together with a full packing slip with carton content details. The order is then scanned into a dispatch bin location.

This mass check can be set to check the mass of each item individually or cumulatively. If the setting is selected to mass check cumulatively , the packer adds each item to the carton on the weigh scale, and the software manages the net weigh calculations of each SKU.

Consolidated Order Checkout

This mode works in the same way as the line mass check above but allows several separate orders to be checked and packed as a group, provided that the customer is the same. Here, a range of picking slips are delivered to a checkout station. The checker/packer opens several cartons and labels each one. All order lines are presented to the user for all orders in the group. The user selects products to pack into the range of cartons. Once complete, each carton is mass-checked, and the user is prompted to invoice the order/s or generate dispatch notes for the order/s. The software generates a consolidated packing list showing the product per carton and to which customer order they belong.

Carton checkout screen

Carton Checkout

This checkout station is used for high-volume warehouses that pick many single SKU cartons but also fine-pick products that must be packed in a carton before invoicing. The interface allows the checker/packer to select a product to checkout. If the product is already cartonized, the required shipping labels are printed and applied, and the cartons are moved into the dispatch area. Packers will typically process all cartons, and then, in the end, the loose units will be selected and packed into a multi-SKU carton. On confirmation of the checkout, a detailed packing list will be printed, and the required Invoice or dispatch note will be printed at the station.

Mass Checkout by Carton

This checkout mode is used mainly when the warehouse runs the pick-to-carton picking strategy. Orders will arrive at the checkout station already boxed. This checkout mode allows the checker to mass-check each carton and label it. On processing the last carton for the order, the software prompts for an invoice or dispatch note and prints a detailed picking slip at the carton level together with the required invoice or dispatch note.

Mass Checkout by Tote

This checkout mode is essentially the same as the above, but it manages the process with a reusable tote.


A full suite of administration tools is available for the packing and checkout module. This includes unpacking cartons, removing cartons from a shipment, unpicking an incorrectly picked order etc. The module also has reprinting tools for reprinting packing slips and carton labels.

An unship function allows any invoice failure in SYSPRO to be reversed and reprocessed easily.

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