Mass Based Picking

In some industries, there is a need to pick component stock for the factory that needs to be weighed out. Factories in the Chemical, Paint, Food or Pharmaceutical industries have this need.

DATASCOPE WMS has a mass-based job picking module that is used to control the picking of such products. Normal SYSPRO jobs are raised and released into DATASCOPE WMS picking slips. These picking slips are then typically split into full bags/cartons and weigh-off products. The weigh-off picking slip travels to the picking area designed for mass-based picking.

Here you will find several PC stations all linked to weighing scales. In many cases, a weigh station will have a large full bag scale and a small scale for fine picking. The pickers load a picking slip and then move through the picking process picking each required product. This is done by fetching the required component material, scanning the product barcode and lot number at the weigh station, and then weighing the product out. As the scaled mass increases, this value is automatically transferred to the PC, and our screen shows the user when to stop loading the product. Provided the quantity weighed is within the picking tolerance, the user can pick the component, and the DATASCOPE WMS will post this transaction to the job.

In the case of a large quantity pick, the user can load full bags onto the large scale and issue these to the job. As each one is issued, the DATASCOPE picking screen records the issue and revises the required quantity for the next pick. So, in this case, each bag can be weighed and issued until the final quantity required is less than a bag load, in which case the small scale is used to weigh off balance.

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