Raw Material Receiving & Put Away

Most WMS solutions have excellent features for the control of warehouses and distribution but very few have great products with work in progress (WIP). DATASCOPE WMS recognizes that the SYSPRO ERP base has a large following of manufacturing clients as SYSPRO is traditionally strong in manufacturing. The DATASCOPE WMS features for raw material control coupled with the work in progress module allows manufacturing companies to implement the software into their upstream operations. Many large factories run DATASCOPE WMS and effectively control the inbound and outbound transactions of raw materials.

Inbound transactions are closely coupled with the functions available to distribution warehouses as the inbound processes are largely the same.

The outbound processes involve a lot more movement of inventory to work in progress Jobs. Here the systems cater for Job Issues, Job Picking, Kit Issues, Job Returns, etc.

All stock take and cycle counting functions apply to raw material as well.