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Carton or Tote Driven DC

In many Distribution Centers, the client would like to pick products directly into bar code-labeled cartons or totes.

The carton and tote-driven model again makes use of all standard DATASCOPE WMS functionality as described in the Simple Distribution Center model but during the picking process, it differs.

As pick slips are released, the software will ask the user to assign a carton or tote. All items picked are scanned onto this carton or tote. Once full, the picker will select “next carton” or “next tote.”

At the checkout stage, one of two checkout processes can be implemented. One is a mass-based check where each carton or tote is simply mass-checked to confirm the content. When the product is of a high value we can implement a SKU-based mass check. Here every stock item is unpacked and mass-checked. The second option is a keyboard wedge scanned check. Each carton or tote is placed on a scale and the mass is checked. Then the software expects the user to scan every item in this carton as a second check.

Once all cartons or totes linked to this order have been checked, the software prompts the checker to complete and invoice the order. The invoicing takes place automatically in SYSPRO, and the invoice documentation is printed to the correct checkout station. At this point, detailed delivery carton labels and a packing slip are printed.

The completed order is handed over to the LSP (Logistics services provider), and at the same time, the DATASCOPE WMS software passes over the order details in a web service connection.

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