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Tools & Hardware

Mandirk Is a supplier of a wide range of tools and hardware to various mining operations in Southern Africa. DATASCOPE WMS was implemented into this business back in 2013 to control the movement of all inventories from PO receiving through the various warehousing stages, the picking processes, the checking processes and the final shipment delivery. Two interesting aspects of this project are 1) Non Stock product orders and 2) Staged order picking.

Non Stock

A big aspect of this business is to supply the mine with a range of standard in inventory products as well as to supply almost any bought out product. When these bought, our products are added to the Sales order SYSPRO prompts for the creation of a linked Purchase Order. This is done in SYSPRO. At the time of receiving these non-stocked items the DATASCOPE WMS software automatically prints a non-stocked barcoded label for each non-stock item. The label includes a lot of detail about the item and the customer and sales order it belongs to. These products are then moved directly to the shipping dispatch. During the scanner based checkout process for the stocked items, the software warns the user that there are non-stocked items to be collected in the dispatch area.

Staged Order Picking

This business regularly processes large orders that will take 6 to 8 weeks to accumulate. To ensure that the available inventory is not sold to another customer Mandirk will release the order in stages. These pick slips are them picked and delivered to an accumulation area that has a bin location label for each large order. Here the inventory is placed.

Once the entire order has been released and picked a special consolidated checkout scanner application first confirms that each pick slip is found and then validates the overall order quantities before shipping and invoicing the product.

Shared Inventory

Another very interesting aspect of this project is shared inventory. In SYSPRO one can open several companies that all point to a central inventory company. You can then load sales orders into 3 or 4 different company IDs (legal entities) and yet pick, pack and ship these orders all from a central company. DATASCOPE WMS was enhanced at the time to manage shared inventory. This allows the warehouse team to see and mange all picking for all the sales companies. At the time of shipping the orders the software is intelligent enough to ship the order in the correct SYSPRO company and then print the correct company invoice from the sales company.

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