Blend Manufacturing

DATASCOPE WMS has a very focused module for any company running SYSPRO where the company is involved with the manufacture of blends that are packaged and sold. Companies such as spice manufacturers, chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, bakeries etc.

The module works with SYSPRO’s WIP module to offer very specific tools that assist blenders to optimize their stock management. For instance, these businesses battle with stock control because they are required to pick part bags of product for jobs. Before long the warehouse ends up these hundreds of part bags laying all over the show. The DATASCOPE job allocation module can be set up to the only reserve and pick full packs from the main raw material warehouse and all part bag/remaining quantities from a pick face warehouse. The software automatically does all the required updates on the SYSPRO job to split the material allocations across the two warehouses and then produces two linked picking slips for the job.

Then a full PC based weigh system can be installed in the pick face warehouse. this system is integrated to a scale and product is picked by weighing each component off on the scale. Once the weight is within the set tolerance the product can be posted to the job.

All product picked can be labeled as the product is packed with the job number, parent stock code, component stock code, and quantity.