Layout Consulting

Simply implementing a WMS into your operation may not achieve the results that you are looking for. Very often we advise that some level of layout change is made to optimize the flow through the warehouse. DATASCOPE consultants often assist with this consulting at a high level. Detailed CAD drawing are not completed by DATASCOPE but we will often work with a local company to get the basic layout right before they complete the detailed CAD drawings.

Further, the layout and the software can often work together to give the best solution. This is particularly opportune when a distribution center will be moved into a new facility. At this point we will often suggest that careful consideration goes into the design of the warehouse in conjunction with the selection of the software model. Depending on the distribution center needs the layout and the software model could be very different.

DATASCOPE works closely with customers that want to build a new greenfield centralized DC or just extend and optimize their existing DC. This consulting includes the optimal material flows, the new warehouse layout & racking heights, what material handling equipment is best suited for the new operation, taking the data and simulating the number and size of the pick face area, what products need to “live” in the pick faces, etc.The introduction of voice based picking within high volume conveyor pick face areas is also recommended. DATASCOPE has a conveyor module where then software integrates with the conveyor systems to divert cartons into the correct picking zones. DATASCOPE has a voice picking module using Vocollect kit.

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