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KPI Reporting


The KPI Reporting module is a key component of DATASCOPE WMS as this is where all the report writing is completed and where performance dashboards are written. Implementing a WMS solution is great and will add value to your operation if managed properly but really substantial improvements are achieved by using the data from the WMS software set and manage performance targets.


This module is a custom reporting tool that allows a suitably skilled technical resource to build customized reports and dashboards. The module is built on SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). These reports can be written for users to run on an ad-hoc basis or can run at set times and email the results to persons. We often install a range of Statistical reports and Alert reports. Statistical reports give statistical data on warehouse performance, such as picker or checker volumes for a period of time. An Alert report shows data that presents an possible problem and needs investigation. A report that lists all pallets older than 3 days in a receiving bin location would be a typical alert report.


These Reports and Queries are standard and ship by default with the product. The reports cover a wide range of areas of the software and are run as needed.


These screens have been developed to run on large screens in a warehousing operation and give statistical data on people performance and overall warehouse performance. These KPI’s will be phased our of the software and replaced with a best of bread data analysis tool which will be embedded into the DATASCOPE software.

The following images show typical Distribution center KPIs from DATASCOPE WMS:

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