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Customer Returns

Several customer return options are available to DATASCOPE WMS users. The following is a list of some of the more common options used:

  • Simple return

In this mode, all credit notes are processed directly into SYSPRO using the SYSPRO options to return the product into a selected returns warehouse and bin location. Once the credit has been processed the DATASCOPE Advanced TrackID labeling application is used to open the credit note and print a master TrackID. This barcoded label is given to the floor and the required transactions are posted to move the stock back into inventory. If the unit is to be scrapped then the user can perform the required Expense Issue or Inventory Adjustment.

  • Scanned Return

In some environments, large volumes are single products are returned. This happens in industries such as cosmetics and fragrances where the customer my close a retail store and return all the product. A mobile devise is used to open a new credit note and all product is simply scanned it. Once complete the credit department is notified and the credit reviewed. Here pricing can be adjusted and the credit clerk can specify if the product will be returned to stock or not. Once the credit has been reviewed the credit is passed and a master TrackID is printed for the warehouse to perform the required stock movements from there.

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