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DATASCOPE has aligned with Microsoft technologies with all server and PC components developed in Microsoft .Net with a Microsoft SQL database. This is in line with SYSPRO’s technologies. Since DATASCOPE WMS version 4.0.40 the platform has been expanded to run on Azure for future cloud installations. All postings from DATASCOPE WMS to SYSPRO are transacted via SYSPRO’s E.Net Business Object layer. This ensures that the integration between the two systems is secure. Data queried from SYSPRO for DATASCOPE WMS screens, where no transaction is being posted, is queried directly from SYSPRO’s SQL tables. This ensures that the data presentation speeds within DATASCOPE WMS are as fast as you would expect in core SYSPRO.


All mobile computer software has been developed to run on Windows Mobile 6.1. This version of the software will be replaced during 2018 with a multi-platform installation which will be available on both Microsoft and Android platforms. iOS may also be released later.

The new mobile solution will be highly configurable to customer needs with a strong focus on task-driven work management. The solution will also be multi-language enabled.


In the case where the DATASCOPE software is installed on a WAN with multiple locations, the PC front ends are typically hosted via a terminal solution such as Citrix (this would fall in line with your SYSPRO installation. The mobile applications are installed directly on mobile computers. A specific network port is configured for all mobile computer and WIFI AP traffic. Generally the comms lines are then “shaped” to reserve specific bandwidth to this port. The DATASCOPE WMS mobile applications require a sub-200 millisecond ping time to the data and application servers at all times. Any latency above this will cause the mobile devices to slow and in some cases, to loose connectivity and log out.


DATASCOPE WMS has been optimized to run in an Azure-hosted environment. Here all clients are installed at remote locations, so no terminal server software is required.

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