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3rd Party Integration API

DATASCOPE WMS E.Net Solutions provides a simplified environment your IT developers can use to integrate your WMS with third-party solutions. This enables your business to extend beyond your enterprise and drive efficiencies. With security standards, DATASCOPE E.Net uses XML communication standards and the Microsoft .NET framework.

DATASCOPE E.Net Solutions enables you to extend beyond your enterprise using our open interface API Layer. It encourages integration with best-of-breed third-party products while facilitating collaboration with business partners – the essential links in your supply chain.

The DATASCOPE E.Net Solutions provides:

  • A simplified development environment in which developers can customize DATASCOPE’s business functionality to suit end-user requirements
  • An infrastructure that helps users integrate third-party applications to DATASCOPE WMS
  • Direct access to DATASCOPE data using external devices

The benefits of DATASCOPE E.Net Solutions

  • Lowered total cost of ownership – custom programs do not have to be rewritten when upgrading to a new release of SYSPRO
  • Simplified application development environment – developers do not need to understand DATASCOPE’s database and can focus on delivering new applications
  • Reduced development maintenance costs – developers do not directly access the database and are therefore shielded from any changes to the database
  • Secure interface to the DATASCOPE WMS database – the security rules inherent in DATASCOPE are built into the component framework and the business objects
  • Version independence – the component interface can evolve while maintaining backwards compatibility because it uses XML to pass parameters and data between DATASCOPE WMS and the calling application
  • Proven technologies – the component framework is built to the COM specification and makes extensive use of XML
  • Customer-focused applications – it allows the creation of applications that meet your specific needs
  • Reduced network traffic – the component framework reduces the amount of network traffic required to retrieve data from the business objects

DATASCOPE WMS E.Net Solutions features

  • Compatible with any COM-aware development environment
  • XML is the communication standard n Utilization of DATASCOPE business logic, validation and data structure
  • Single set of security settings for both business objects and the core product
  • The Web applications are constructed based on the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Caters for applications that support localized user interfaces e.g., error messages can be returned in multiple languages
  • Sample code is provided to help developers become more productive in the minimum amount of time


The following table of business objects are available for use with the DATASCOPE WMS suite of products.

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