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Shared Inventory & Non-Stocked Project-Based DC

For those clients running SYSPRO in a shared inventory environment with multiple sales companies in SYSPRO, all working off a single shared inventory base, DATASCOPE WMS has a solution to manage this.

In this case, all sales orders are loaded into SYSPRO as normal in the various sales companies. As these orders are released for picking in DATASCOPE, the software seamlessly releases picking slips for the different companies to the Distribution Center in a common format. The pickers in this environment do not know they are picking orders across different SYSPRO companies.

The picking processes remain standard through to the checkout area. At checkout, the scanner-based checkout would be installed. This checkout is intelligent enough to automatically release and invoice the order in the correct SYSPRO Company and to trigger the invoice to print to the correct company-based invoice printer.

Coupled with this solution is a full non-stocked management module. Sales orders can be taken on for non-stocked items in SYSPRO. The SYSPRO software will automatically prompt you to create a linked purchase order for these goods. At the time of receipt of the good from the supplier, the receipt is processed in DATASCOPE WMS as normal, but in this case, the software prompts the user to print a barcoded label for these goods. This label prints the linked sales order number, customer, delivery address, and other details. These labels are placed on the goods, so they are not mistakenly sold to an incorrect customer.

Once the product has been labeled, it is moved directly into the dispatch area. If these products were ordered with other stocked items, the DATASCOPE WMS solution checkout is intelligent and will request the checker collect the non-stocked items from the dispatch cage. The checkout then releases and invoices all items.

A further function allows for picking on project orders. In this mode, a single large sales order is released into picking slips as the inventory becomes available in stock. These picking slips are picked and routed to a project checkout area. Once the last picking slip comes through, the software prompts the checker to confirm that all items have been picked. The checkout scanner process now loops through each linked picking slip to ensure that all goods are correct before printing the SYSPRO invoice.

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